Kayaks on Wings

I don’t want to ruin a good story in the book,  but this photo does appear in the book and seems to have spread across the Internet to the point I’ve had friends and relatives find it on Facebook, Reddit, on forums, etc.

Here are the best quotes that have appeared with the photo:

This guy laughs at your externally mounted GoPro

What an idiot

This is why women live longer than men

I don’t understand, there is no way to he could use the flaps like that

Kayaks on Wings

Kayaks on Wings

22 Classic Pilot Getaways for Pilots on the East Coast

Bill “Dr. Marchetti” Vitale responded to a nice review of my book in General Aviation News (Fifty Classics Review) and I’ve included it here as 22 east coast classic pilot getaways. I think I counted 22 here. Now if I only had 15 years on the east coast to explore and write a book.  Thank you Bill for the list!

I would love to just name some of the many wonderful flights and destinations here along the East Coast if I may:

Beginning with the Acadia National Park and Swans Island, Maine,
THE HUDSON RIVER CORRIDOR, NEW YORK, for the pure shock and awe of MANHATTEN,
Newport, Rhode Island, for the Jazz Festival and the Baronial Mansions,
Martha’s Vineyard, to hob-nob with the celebrities,
Nantucket, for the peace and serenity,
Atlantic City, New Jersey, for Bader Field and Black Jack,
Cape May, New Jersey for just caught 5 pound lobsters,
Ocean City, Maryland, for the beach and bikinis,
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Airport, Maryland, for steamed crabs,
Tangier Island, Virginia, for a trip back in time,
North Myrtle Beach, Carolina for Southern Hospitality,
All of Florida for pure sunshine, golf and pleasure:
Amelia Island, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach for the real Dover Sole at Cafe Crepe en Haute, Daytona for the 500 races, Spruce Creek Fly-In for everything aviation and fellowship, Orlando with the kids for Disney World, Lake Wales for the sod air strip to Chalet Suzanne, Sebring for the races and sheer nostalgia of Hendricks Field where I was stationed in WWll, Palm Beach for the elegant New England Grand Dames “down for the season” at the celebrated Breakers Hotel, the rustic Cedar Key, Sanibel and Captiva Islands on the Gulf of Mexico, the grandeur of Naples and Marco Island and any of the mystical Keys from Key Largo to Key West.

And none of this even begins to describe our many lovely and easily accessible resorts of The Bahama Islands, Nassau on New Providence Island and the entire magnificant Caribbean.

Backcountry Pilots Provide “Sneak Peek”

I worked with the Backcountry Pilots Association to do a “sneak peek” of the pilot’s guide on their site. If you want to get a preview of the some of the more backcountry style destinations you can check it out at:

Fifty Destinations Sneak Peek

Note that not all destinations are like that!  On the other extreme I have the big cities of  Las Vegas and San Diego and lots in between.

Even if you are not into backcountry flying, the BCP website is worth visiting.  Zane does a great job at creating a beautiful site with a lot of great content.


Sporty’s Now Carrying “Fifty Classics”

Sporty’s product submissions guidelines say only 5% of submissions pass their guidelines and are accepted. It is almost like, “don’t bother”.   So I was thrilled when they said they were impressed with the book and would like to carry it.  I’m actually late with all this since it would have been great to have been in their holiday catalog, but I only got the pilot’s guide finished on November 1st.

Book Review, Karlene Pettit’s Flight to Success

I wanted to thank Karlene for her review of my book here: http://karlenepetitt.blogspot.com/2014/11/ney-grant.html

I used a cool photo Karlene took in my book of an approach (hers) into San Diego’s Lindbergh field.  I also purchased, read and thoroughly enjoyed her books, Flight for Success and Flight for Control.  I bought them from her blog: http://karlenepetitt.blogspot.com/ but they are also available on Amazon. Not only is she an author and airline pilot, but she is also working on her PhD!  Amazing woman!