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Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots

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Epic Adventures, Romance and Outdoor Fun in the Western USA (and Baja!)

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Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots is 190 full-color pages in a large 8.5 x 11 inch format.  It is full of inspiring adventures and stories with superb photography in an ideal size for your coffee table or bookshelf. Frequencies, charts and a compact size for the cockpit?  Not so much.

The adventures begin with forever-classics such as flying to Catalina Island, a romantic stay in Sedona or visiting Yosemite, Zion, Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  The book then adds new-classics such as swimming down a slot canyon in Fry Canyon Utah, hiking to the Colorado River from Cliff Dweller’s airstrip or a photography expedition to Mono Lake California. Some adventures are genuine epic adventures such as climbing Mt. Hood in Oregon or running the Colorado River down the Grand Canyon in Arizona while some are more relaxing such as having a romantic weekend getaway at a B&B in Mendocino or flight-seeing at the San Juan Islands in Washington.

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    I just got my copy of the book. It’s really good and the only problem is first I can’t put it down and second, I just want to go fly! If you have any chance of doing some touring by airplane around the western US, you’ll want this book. I live in Austin, TX but will be heading west in the Mooney this next summer without a doubt.

    Paul Steen
    Mooney M20C

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    Just received your book. Looks great. I just purchased my first plane, a 1959 182, and of course looking for places to fly. I think your book is perfect for that. Thanks, Russ

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    Great book! You have had some great adventures. I like that you included so many pictures. – John, Rocklin, CA

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    I just received my copy of “50 Classic Destinations” today. Wow! It’s even better than I had hoped. Great stories, incredible photography, excellent writing and print quality. But mostly it is a tremendous inspiration to get out and explore this amazing land we are blessed to inhabit. Congratulations to Ney Grant and his family for living life to the fullest and profound thanks for sharing the amazing possibilities with the rest of us!

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    Just got my copyand spent the evening revising my bucket list. One of your trips is the Flying Samaritans to Mexico and coincidentally, I’m taking my first trip with them this weekend, so your photos and descriptions are very helpful.

    Well done Ney.

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    Ney, you have done an excellent job. Your book is a great inspiration for us as pilots to quit dreaming about these types of adventures and start living them! Of particular interest for me were the personal insets you included to help the experience feel ‘real’ and within reach for us.

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    For 20+ years now, I have had the great privilege and pleasure of serving the Piper Meridian/JetPROP/Malibu/Mirage pilot community all over the world. The North American West is a truly unique and special region. And this book really makes me want to find a little more time in my schedule to experience it differently, even if it means hitting the gym a few extra times before enjoying one the author’s excellent adventures!

    John Mariani
    ATP, CFI, MEI, and CFII
    Meridian/JetPROP/Malibu/Mirage Initial and Recurrent Training

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    Received the book quickly, thanks. We must lead parallel lives. My wife and I enjoy hiking, backcountry skiing, fishing, and travel by private plane. Living in Montana has afforded us the opportunity to visit some pretty spectacular places. We have been to 17 of the 50 classic destinations, and I have to agree with your selections. Your descriptions are right on! I really enjoy the layout of the book, and the photography is great. But most importantly, the book is an inspiration to get in the plane and go explore. Can’t wait to see the other 33 destinations! Let us know when you are in the “neighborhood” and come visit.
    Russ Read
    Missoula, MT

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    Hi Ney,

    I just got back from a trip. Didn’t take the book along because it’s a little too nice to let it get creased and bent up in my already overstuffed computer bag. But I did look through it after returning home and it’s much bigger and more professional looking that I was expecting!

    I’ve traveled to quite a few places and was for many years a subscriber to Pilot Getaways, not to mention the countless aviation blogs and magazines that come across my desk. But you managed to hit on quite a few spots I’ve never been to. Some I’ve never even heard of. So great job on that score! Other destinations I know well. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been to Catalina, Las Vegas, or San Luis Obispo (my wife’s from SLO). It was nice comparing spots I’ve been to with your coverage of the fresh destinations. I enjoyed the mix of airports, too. Some are quite urban, others border on bush flying, so there’s something in there for just about everyone. And since you’re flying a Centurion rather than a Super Cub or other off-road-ish vehicle, you know the spots are accessible to most GA pilots. The Centurion has many wonderful qualities, but I don’t think it falls into that STOL category. :)

    A couple of things make your book unique:

    First, the mix of destinations with travel stories and off beat happenings like the time you got sick and landed in Reno. On a personal note, I think you had food poisoning. It’s happened to me as well. Those little stories help break up the travelogues and add a personal touch you don’t find in most books. Travel and destination material aside, I enjoyed the feeling of following along as you grew as an aviator. For example, deciding you’d probably not go back to the Chicken Strip, or taking off the top of that tree. It also adds a sense of realism to what you’re doing. It’s not always sunshine and roses; there are risks to be considered.

    Second, the great photographs. They’re not just of airplanes, airports or terrain, but also of family, pets, friends, volunteers, and so on. It speaks of a richer experience than just going somewhere for vacation or to climb a mountain.

    Third, the quality of the writing and the way the whole tome is organized belies the self-published nature. The design looks and feels more like a book that’s had a professional editorial staff working on it. The color scheme, typography, and overall layout are excellent. So my hat’s off to you for that. Clearly you put tremendous time and effort into this, and it shows.

    Since you noted 150+ adventures to date in the forward, I assume you’ve got material enough for at least one more edition. :)

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    Wow. I had no idea. What an awesome book! I wish I had just a little bigger tires to get into Fry Canyon!

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    At the intersection of two small but vigorous target audiences; 1. pilots/aircraft owners and 2. passionate outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts, sits Fifty Classic Destination for Pilots – Epic Adventures, Romances and Outdoor Fun in the Western USA. If you are part of this select group, this book is an absolute must for your aviation library. From epic adventure ideas to great opportunities for impromptu stops on the way home from a business trip, it offers something, many somethings, for all of us. The ideas are wonderful. And Ney’s terrific interludes on topics the book compels us to consider, if and when we act on one of his recommendations — mountain flying, emergency situation, flying with pets, photography for example – are spot on as well. There just enough information on every destination to help one consider it, but no so much that the reader get bogged down in excessive detail. The inclusion of romantic get-a-way ideas is a very nice addition, reminding us all that having fun with our soul mates while aviating is perhaps the best adventure of them all! My only criticism, this should be a beautiful coffee table book. Ney’s great photography would be even more inspiring on a glossy paper stock. Buy this book. And fly it!!

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    Your book is amazing. You are so good at reporting your trips in a interesting way.

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